How OLG’s Contribution to Belleville Impacts the Community

Belleville, a picturesque city in Ontario, has experienced a significant financial boost thanks to the partnership between the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) and the municipality. The collaboration has resulted in a substantial payout of $3.4 million from the Belleville Shorelines Casino’s revenues in fiscal 2023. This financial injection has had a transformative impact on Belleville, enhancing its infrastructure, supporting community organizations, and fostering economic development.

The Municipal Contribution Agreement

The funds allocated to Belleville are part of a municipal contribution agreement, where a portion of gaming revenues is earmarked for the municipality to support community improvement efforts. This funding formula, consistent across all OLG gaming sites in Ontario, has proven to be a crucial source of revenue for Belleville.

Impact on Infrastructure

One of the key areas benefiting from the OLG funds is infrastructure development. The city council carefully allocates these funds to select projects each year, focusing on enhancing the quality of life for Belleville residents. In fiscal 2023, the city received over $3.4 million, enabling significant infrastructure investments that may not have been attainable otherwise. Projects such as the Sidney and College Street intersection widening, McWilliams Bridge replacement design, College Street East sidewalk construction, and Mary-Ann Sills Field #2 turf replacement have been made possible through this funding.

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Photo from City of Belleville

Support for Community Organizations

In addition to infrastructure projects, a substantial portion of the funding also goes towards supporting various community organizations through the city’s grant program. In 2023, more than 20 organizations and initiatives benefited from the OLG funds, including the Eastminster United Church Open Door Café, the Alzheimer Society of Hastings-Prince Edward, the Community Development Council of Quinte, and the Belleville Lions’ Club, among others. These organizations play a vital role in supporting the community’s well-being and social fabric, and the OLG’s contribution has been instrumental in helping them fulfill their missions.

Economic Development and Growth Opportunities

Mayor Neil Ellis expressed gratitude for OLG’s partnership, highlighting the economic development, tourism, and growth opportunities that the corporation has brought to Belleville. He emphasized the importance of the municipal funding agreement in supporting the city’s economic development initiatives and expressed optimism for the future.

OLG’s Commitment to Ontario Communities

Kathleen Devine, OLG’s senior municipal relations manager, underscored OLG’s commitment to Ontario communities, noting that 100% of OLG profits are reinvested in Ontario to support provincial priorities. From critical infrastructure to local programs and community festivals, OLG’s profits play a crucial role in building stronger communities across the province.

OLG’s contribution to Belleville has been instrumental in enhancing the city’s infrastructure, supporting community organizations, and fostering economic development. The partnership between OLG and Belleville serves as a model for effective collaboration between government entities and the private sector, benefiting the community at large.

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