Ontario College of Family Physicians Announced New Ceo Name Deepy Sur

The Ontario College of Family Physicians (OCFP) recently announced the appointment of Deepy Sur as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective May 21, 2024. Deepy Sur brings a wealth of experience and expertise in advocacy, government relations, and primary care, positioning her well to address the challenges facing the profession today and drive positive change within the organization.

A Vision for Change

Deepy Sur’s appointment marks a significant milestone for the OCFP, as she is poised to lead the organization’s strategic vision and support family physicians across Ontario. Her proven track record of member-focused leadership, coupled with her success in enhancing organizational initiatives and building sustainable revenue streams, makes her an ideal candidate to propel the OCFP forward.

Advocacy and Innovation

Deepy Sur’s previous roles, including CEO of the Ontario Association of Social Workers, showcase her ability to drive growth and engagement. Her efforts in doubling voluntary membership enrollment and securing substantial grants for interprofessional training highlight her commitment to advancing the field of family medicine. Additionally, her experience at Trillium Health Partners and McMaster University underscores her dedication to quality patient care and education.

Collaborative Leadership

As a collaborative leader, Deepy Sur is poised to bring a strong voice and clear vision to the OCFP. Her governance acumen and interest in artificial intelligence in healthcare further demonstrate her commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of family medicine.

Introducing Our New CEO

Looking Ahead

The Board of Directors of the OCFP is excited to welcome Deepy Sur and looks forward to her leadership in advancing family medicine in Ontario. The Board also extends its gratitude to Leslie Greenberg, the acting CEO, for her outstanding support and leadership during the transition period.

In conclusion, Deepy Sur’s appointment as CEO of the Ontario College of Family Physicians signifies a new chapter for the organization. Her leadership, vision, and commitment to excellence are poised to make a positive impact on family medicine in Ontario and beyond.

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