Manitoban First Nation Co-Workers Won $100K Lotto 649 Prize

A remarkable stroke of luck has befallen a group of co-workers from Koostatak, Manitoba, who are celebrating a substantial lottery win exceeding $100,000. This fortuitous event has brought joy and excitement to Aaron Mason, Cynthia Anderson, Douglas Murdock, and John Carson, members of the Fisher River Cree Nation, who purchased the winning ticket at a local gas station and convenience store.

A Fortunate Purchase

The winning ticket was for the Feb. 28 Lotto 6/49 and Extra draw, marking a momentous occasion for the group. Despite regularly buying tickets for years, the win came as a complete surprise to the colleagues. Aaron Mason, who claimed the prize on behalf of the group, shared his initial reaction: “I had no idea we had won until the cashier checked the ticket. I just fell kind of quiet for a second then immediately called (the other group members). It was such a surprise.”

Sharing the Wealth

The prize, totaling just over $100,000, will be divided equally among the four co-workers, resulting in a windfall of approximately $25,000 each. This unexpected financial boon has undoubtedly brought a sense of relief and happiness to the winners, highlighting the transformative impact that such winnings can have on individuals and communities.

A Story of Community and Luck

This heartwarming story of luck and community spirit underscores the unpredictable nature of life’s fortunes. For Aaron Mason, Cynthia Anderson, Douglas Murdock, and John Carson, this win represents more than just a financial gain; it symbolizes a moment of shared joy and camaraderie among friends and colleagues.

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The story of these Manitoba co-workers serves as a reminder of the power of chance and the unexpected turns that life can take. Their story is one of luck, friendship, and the shared excitement of a significant lottery win, bringing a moment of happiness and celebration to the Fisher River Cree Nation community.

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