Brantford Council’s Bold Move to Unleash Taxi Market Competition

City council in Brantford is poised to make significant changes to the local taxi industry, with the aim of creating a more competitive and dynamic market. The proposed changes, which are expected to be approved at the upcoming March 26 meeting, will remove existing restrictions that currently regulate the industry.


Currently, the city of Brantford allows a maximum of 94 taxi licenses, which are held by three taxicab brokers: Brant Taxi, Bell City Cabs, and Easy Ride Taxi Inc. Moreover, the rates that taxicabs can charge are set by the city. However, under the proposed changes, these restrictions will be lifted.

Removal of Restrictions

The most significant change will be the removal of the maximum number of licenses available and the elimination of city-set rates. City officials argue that this move will create a more level playing field, allowing businesses to compete based on supply and demand. It will also enable taxicab companies to make business decisions based on market conditions rather than being constrained by municipal regulations.

Regulations for Transportation Network Companies

In addition to the changes affecting traditional taxicab companies, the proposed regulations will also impact transportation network companies, such as Uber. These companies will be required to adhere to certain standards for public and consumer protection. For example, transportation network companies must have insurance, and their vehicles must have four doors. Drivers will need to undergo an annual police record check and provide up-to-date insurance information. Furthermore, service must be provided only through a digital app and not by hailing.

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Implementation and Response

The proposed changes were unanimously recommended for approval at a recent city council committee meeting. They are scheduled to take effect on April 1, 2025, following a year-long public education campaign. However, City Council, Richard Carpenter has expressed concerns about the timeline, particularly regarding the risk posed to taxicab companies. City staff are expected to present some changes at the upcoming meeting to expedite the implementation process.

These proposed changes represent a significant shift in the regulation of the taxi industry in Brantford. By removing restrictions and introducing new regulations, the city aims to create a more competitive and consumer-friendly market. If approved, these changes will likely have a profound impact on both traditional taxicab companies and transportation network companies operating in the city.

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