New Grocery Rebate Eligibility and Payment Changes? Grocery Rebate Changes 2024

Check the details about the Grocery Rebate Changes 2024: What is New Grocery Rebate Eligibility and Payment Changes? Here. The one-time payment for the grocery rebate is around the corner. The citizens were early waiting for this year’s Rebate. However, there are certain changes in the new rebate. There are many doubts regarding the new regulations of grocery rebates. We have tried to clear all the doubts and confusion about the Grocery Rebate Changes 2024 in this article.

Grocery Rebate Changes 2024

The Government of Canada has decided to increase the Rebate of Grocery Expenditures. With the increase in the inflation rate, the consumer prices of the grocery are at their peak. Families with low or moderate income are struggling to purchase the basic groceries for the living. To provide financial support to these households, the authorities have announced an increase in the grocery rebate.

The changes in the grocery rebate will help around 21 million families across the country. The amount of the rebate will be discrete. The amount of the deposit depends upon the tax credits of the household and the financial stability of the household. Scroll down to know about the changes and the eligibility of the rebate.

What is a New Grocery Rebate?

As we know the benefits under the CPP and the OAS have been modified due to the increase in inflation and the COLA. The amounts for the grocery rebate have also been increased. The rebate is a one-time payment issued for individuals with a moderate income.

Grocery Rebate Changes

As we know the food consumer process is to be increased by 4 percent in the upcoming months. The monthly cost of a Canadian household could be modified to $1500 per individual. This marginal increase is creating new tension among the citizens. The authorities are in fear that the country is heading towards the poverty line. Many provinces have decided to implement additional support under the grocery rebate such as the Ontario grocery rebate will provide households with $234.

Grocery Rebate Overview

Article Name

Grocery Rebate Changes 2024



Administration Responsible

Canada Revenue Agency

Rebate payment

$225 to $628

Date of Rebate

By The End Of July 2024

Official website

Eligibility For Grocery Rebate Changes 2024

As part of the government rebate, the candidates should follow certain criteria to be eligible to receive the amount under the rebate. The eligibility for the grocery credit is discussed in the below section

  • The candidates need not apply for any additional application under the rebate.
  • If they are receiving the benefits under CRA, they are automatically eligible for the grocery credit.
  • The applicants should have the national insurance number that is generated during the registration with the CRA.
  • The claimants that are eligible to receive the GST/HST benefit, will be prioritized to receive the credit.
  • The net income of the household is considered for the eligibility of the rebate. The financial assets of the household should be less than $65853
  • The net income of a single Canadian should be less than $45000.
  • The applicants should the “My Account” to receive the amount. The amount of the rebate will be deposited to the account of the beneficiaries directly.

The applicants have the pending tax returns of the previous year. Or the tax funds that are yet to be paid are not qualified to receive the rebate. The citizens working as the government body or the families with the members working as the officials will not be receiving the amount. The individuals associated with any criminal offences will not be eligible for the rebate.

Payment For Grocery Rebate Changes 2024

The payment under the new grocery rebate is discrete for each individual. The basic amount provided to each category under the rebate is $225 to $628. Households with more than four members in the family will receive the additional supplement.


Rebate Amount


USD 234

Married couple

USD 306

Couple with one kid

USD 387

Family with two children

USD 467

Family with three children

USD 548

Family with four children

USD 628

Retired couple

USD 255

The parents under the shared custody, will be receiving the share of the child as per the time spent with them. The single parent with the adopted kids will receive the paychecks if they have registered themselves for the rebate.

Fact Checks For Grocery Rebate Changes 2024

The amount of the rebate is estimated to be released by the end of July 2024. The process to release the payment will be initiated from 5th July 2024. As the payment is scheduled as a one-time deposit, the interested candidates are advised to register themselves at the earliest.

We have shared the details about the Grocery Rebate Changes 2024 in the article. If there are any modifications or the latest news regarding the rebate, we will be sharing the details on our website.

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