ICBC Rebate 2024 – Insurance Corporation of British Columbia $100 Reimbursement 

The ICBC Rebate offers a $110 one-time payment to eligible policyholders with active Basic insurance in February 2024. Distribution begins in late May 2024 and includes personal and commercial policies, excluding certain vehicles and storage policies. 

ICBC Rebate 2024

The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) has announced a one-time rebate of $110 for eligible insurance customers, which is part of their effort to return surplus funds to policyholders due to better-than-expected investment income and strong financial performance. 

ICBC is in a robust financial position, allowing them to issue these rebates while also maintaining basic rates unchanged until March 31, 2026. This marks six years of stable rates for drivers in British Columbia. The total amount allocated for the rebates is $400 million, reflecting the company’s commitment to prudent fiscal management and customer-centric services. 

The rebates are expected to be processed starting from late May and will continue until the end of July 2024. Customers will receive their rebates via the payment method used for their eligible policy, either as a credit card refund, direct deposit, or by cheque. 

It’s important to note that ICBC does not issue rebates through text message or email, and customers are advised to update their addresses by May 21 to avoid any delays in receiving their rebates.

Who is eligible to get an ICBC Rebate?

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the eligibility criteria for the ICBC Rebate:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Active Basic Insurance Policy: Customers who had an active eligible Basic insurance policy in February 2024.
  • Personal and Commercial Policies: The rebate applies to both personal and commercial policies.

Ineligibility Criteria:

  • Storage Policies: Customers with storage policies are not eligible.
  • Temporary Operation Permits: These policies are excluded from eligibility.
  • Certain Vehicle Types: Policies for golf carts, off-road vehicles, limited-speed motorcycles, trailers, and collector vehicles are not eligible.

How much will the ICBC Rebate provide?

The ICBC Rebate is a one-time financial return of $110 to qualified policyholders. This rebate is a result of ICBC’s surplus due to its investments performing better than anticipated and the organization’s overall strong financial results. 

Policyholders should ensure their contact details are current by May 21 to facilitate a smooth rebate process. ICBC is committed to ensuring that all eligible customers receive their rebates on time.

When will the distribution of the ICBC Rebate start and how will I receive it?

The distribution of the ICBC Rebate is expected to start in late May and continue until the end of July 2024. Here’s how you’ll receive the ICBC Rebate and how the payment method affects your rebate amount receiving timeline:

Credit Card Refund:

  • If you paid for your policy using a credit card, no additional action is needed.
  • Your 2024 rebate will be issued as a refund directly to the credit card you used for payment.
  • Look for a refund labelled “ICBC Refund” on your credit card bills.
  • Credit card refunds will be processed between late May and mid-July, but your credit card issuer may take up to a month to process and apply the refund.

Direct Deposit:

  • If the credit card used for payment is no longer active, you’ll receive your rebate by direct deposit (if you’re signed up for it).
  • Direct deposits will start in late May and typically take one to three days to appear in your bank account.


  • If neither credit card nor direct deposit applies, you’ll receive a mailed cheque.
  • The time frame for processing cheques is late May through the end of July.
  • Delivery may take an additional one to six weeks, depending on mail processing times.
ICBC Rebate 2024

What if I haven’t received my rebate by the expected timeline?

If you haven’t received your ICBC Rebate by the expected date, here’s what you can do:

Check Your Payment Method:

  • If you paid by credit card, check your statements for a refund labeled “ICBC Refund.”
  • For direct deposits, check your bank account for the deposit.
  • If you’re expecting a cheque, consider mail processing and delivery timelines.

Contact ICBC:

  • If you believe you were eligible and have not received your rebate, contact ICBC’s Insurance Customer Service at 1-800-663-3051 or 604-661-2800.

Update Your Information:

  • Ensure your address and contact details are up-to-date with ICBC to avoid any delays.

Be Patient:

  • Understand that processing times at financial institutions or credit card issuers may vary. The date of your payment plan’s next scheduled payment may also affect the timing.

Avoid Scams:

  • Remember, ICBC does not issue rebates via text message or email. If you receive such messages, ignore them or mark them as spam.

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