$2,800 Direct Payments June 2024- Coming For Social Security SSI, SSDI & VA, Know Eligibility & Deposit Dates


In 2024 all social security beneficiaries like VA, SSI, SSDI and SSA will receive an increased Social Security amount of $2800. If reports to be believed all the eligible recipients are going to receive this enhanced benefit payment from US Federal government. All eligible candidates will receive this payment in coming days. This new increase in social security payment will provide you with more money to spend and manage your expenses.

If you are in need of this benefit then check out the $2800 Payment increase 2024 for Social Security SSDI, SSI and VA eligibility.  If you fulfil all the eligibility criteria then it verifies you as an eligible candidate to receive this payment. Look this blog further to know more about this benefit.

$2800 Direct Payments 2024

  • US Federal government provides this $2800 direct payment in 2024 for Social Security SSI, SSDI and VA on behalf of Social Security Administration. You can claim this amount if you know the detailed eligibility criteria decided by the government. You will not get this privilege immediately after you apply for this. It will take some time for the government to process and distribute this payment to your bank account. If you want to check that have you received the $2800 direct payments status you can check your official bank account or visit nearest bank branch. It is a big relief for people who are suffering from financial loss and are in dire need of money. The $2800 direct payment provide you with additional amount to spend on your daily expenses.
  • If you wish to apply for this payment then you need to fulfil all the requirements. If you are a senior citizen and want to claim this benefit your age should be 65 or above. Also you need to belong to low-income category, blind or disabled or have no income source to earn money for basic needs. People who have older disabled child in their household can receive this payment also. Please read this blog further to know all the details and eligibility criteria.

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$2800 Direct Payment – Overview

Name of the scheme $2800 Payment Increase 2024 for Social security SSI, SSDI & VA
Amount $2800
Regulatory department Social Security Administration
Responsible Body US Federal Government
Benefactors Social Security recipients
Date of Payment Same as SSA Payment Schedule
Official Websites www.ssa.gov

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Are You Eligible for $2800 Direct Payments

As per rules all social security recipients will come under $2800 Social Security Increase Payment Eligibility 2024. Government has made some pre decided requirements and as per those requirements they will give you amount individually. If you wish to get this payment check the requirements below and see if you are eligible or not for this payment.

  1. The person needs to be a Senior citizen in The United States of America.
  2. The individual needs to be of age 65 or above to receive this payment.
  3. You need to be a recipient of Social Security benefits like SSDI, SSI & VA.
  4. You need to have income which should not exceed the limit of federal limit.
  5. You need to have a different and unique SSN (Social Security Number).
  6. Your children or dependants who are eligible can receive some extra benefits.

Is $2800 Social Security Direct Payment Bill Passed?

  • The Biden government has recently passed a bill in which they have increased Social Security Benefits to $2800 every month. This increased amount is a much needed relief to senior citizens and will help them manage their daily expenses better. The name of the new bill passed by the government which will provide this payment increase to all eligible senior citizens in Social security is House bill. If you want to receive this increase payment then to apply for this you need to check all the requirements. Government is providing this increased payment to senior citizens to improve their financial condition.
  • You may be qualified for this social security $2800 payment increase in 2024 if you meet all the qualifications. Under the new $2800 social security benefit bill of 2024 senior citizen can get slightly modified amount in addition to their monthly benefits. This payment will assess them to escape the inflation loss. If a social security recipient receives some additional amount then he can use it to cover all of his costs like groceries, housing etc. Hence in order to receive this you need to meet all the decided eligibility criteria.

Deposit Dates for $2800 Direct Payment June 2024

  1. If your birth date falls between 1 to 10th of any month then you will receive the SSDI and VA payments on second Wednesday of each month.
  2. In case your birth date falls between 11th to 20th of any month then you will receive the SSDI and VA payments on third Wednesday of each month.
  3. If your birth date falls between 21st to 31st of any month then you will receive the SSDI and VA payments on fourth Wednesday of every month.


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